"Tomasz Aleksander treated his music not as an accompaniment to songs but as an equivalent element of the concert... What we saw on March 9 at the Broadway Performance Hall premiere may be regarded as one of the best performances presented in Seattle in recent years."

― Jerzy Janeczek, Polish Film & Stage Actor
Gazetka Polonijna, April 2003, Seattle, USA

"A unique program that joins inspired poetry together with the music composed by Tomasz Aleksander... From hushed whispers to boldly dramatic climaxes, from starkly elegant piano chords to flourishing virtuoso passages... an unforgettable musical journey."

― Dr. Steven Lagerberg, President of the NW Chopin Foundation
March 2003, Seattle, USA

"Tomasz Aleksander dressed up poetry in a beautiful musical garment, remarkably expressing the spirit of poetic works. It was an event that put the listeners into a special frame of mind and left an unforgettable impression. Those present at the concert experienced extraordinary moments, which are only possible through contact with artists of great dimension."

― Michał Radoszewski, Gazeta Informacyjna, April 2003, Vancouver, Canada

"Tomasz Aleksander moved his audience to a standing ovation after presenting the complete set of Chopin Waltzes... This musician is not your traditional artist. He deserves to be heard widely and frequently."

― Richard Clark, The Northern Light, February 1997, Blaine, USA

"Tomasz Aleksander may be technically perfect, but can offer something more."

― Diane Wright, The Herald, July 1995, Everett, USA

"Tomasz Aleksander 'feels' Chopin."

Magazyn-GAZETA, June 1995, Vancouver, Canada

"Chopin works performed in a masterly manner."

Nowy Pacific, May 1995, Vancouver, Canada

"Tomasz Aleksander is a fully developed pianist and plays Chopin's music with a great feeling."

Dziennik Związkowy, April 1995, Chicago, USA

"He had established his command of the music... and caught up the entire audience in its sweeping spirit. The brilliant pianist did not release us until the end."

― Bill Skubi, Island Independent, March 1994, Oak Harbor, USA