Music Education

Tomasz Aleksander was born in Poland where he also began his music education. After immigrating to the United States at the age of 14, he focused on studying classical piano and composition. He did his undergraduate work at Walla Walla University and completed his master's degree at Northern Illinois University. He continued his piano studies at the University of Washington.

Early Awards

During his school years, the young musician earned the following awards: 1st Prize in the WMEA-WIAA State Solo Contest (Ellensburg, WA, 1987), 1st Prize in the Washington State MTA Young Composer's Project (Ellensburg, WA, 1987), 2nd Prize in the Pacific International Piano Competition (Olympia, WA, 1987), 1st Prize in the Idaho-Washington Symphony Young Artist's Competition (Lewiston, ID, 1988), and 1st Prize in the Northwest Division of the MTNA Wurlitzer Piano Competition (Ellensburg, WA, 1991).

Chopin's Music

Tomasz Aleksander always had great admiration for the music of Frédéric Chopin. In 1995, he was selected to participate in the XIII International Frédéric Chopin Piano Competition held in Warsaw, Poland. His performance of a Chopin ballade at the competition was praised by music critics on Polish Radio. In the following years, he gave numerous Chopin recitals and masterclasses. From 2001 to 2006, he served as an advisor to the Northwest Council of the Chopin Foundation of the United States.

Sung Poetry

Joining music with poetry is among Tomasz Aleksander's favorite forms of composition. He has been especially inspired by the noted poets of Poland. In 2003, he premiered his sung poetry compositions with a singer at the Broadway Performance Hall in Seattle, earning numerous standing ovations. In 2012, his CD album entitled "Wesele poety" (Wedding of a Poet) was released. The same year, a composition from the album was presented on a Polish Radio show "Gitarą i piórem" hosted by Janusz Deblessem.

Piwnica Pod Baranami

Since 2012, Tomasz sung poetry compositions have been performed by artists of the renowed theatre group "Piwnica pod Baranami" in Cracow, Poland.